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New Business Pitch

This is how you pitch for new business. A client requested to see our workspace during a meeting at their offices. The problem? They're located on the other side of the country - oh yeah, and we only have five days.

Using arduino, node.js, and an RC car, we created a rover, with a live stream, that they could control over the web.

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vnyrd is a fun personal experiment to visualize the wonders of vine. As of early 2013, there's little talk about a public API and no easy way to browse vines. vnyrd tries to solve that by putting hashtag results in a pretty grid. The project is still a WIP, and currently browser-only.

check it out here

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The Stop Nightmarket


The Stop is a Canadian organization who believe that healthy food should be available to all. They throw a Night Market every year to help spread their message.

With the help of our advertising, this year's Night Market was the most successful to date, establishing itself as one of Toronto's most popular events.

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Side-Imaging Depth Finder

The abyss is a mysterous and interesting place, and darkest depths of our planet will be uncovered no time soon. Drawing on this curiousity, the campaign shows anglers what Humminbird imaging can see: what they've been missing.

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Toronto Fringe Festival

Toronto's Theatre Festival

In a world full of big-dog-blockbuster films, Fringe aims to remind people of the power of live theatrical performance. Hand-drawn illustrations reflect the no-frills aspects of the festival and enlighten viewers about hollywood manipulation.

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interactive table

SPELA ("play" in Swedish) is an interactive installation that celebrates SID LEE COLLECTIVEʼS collaborative approach to creativity. Combining music – a universal means of emotional and creative expression – with interactivity, SPELA brings people together to imagine, experiment, create and play.

Since the table was so much fun to interact with, we also built an online version that served as a replica of the real SPELA table

Try it here

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Illustrated Recipes


Published in They Draw + Cook, Holiday Sweet, Recipe Book, 2013.

Recipes don't have to be boring. These illustrate recipes bring fun to what can sometimes be a frustrating process in the kitchen.

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All in for my girls

SID LEE Toronto pairs with adidas and grammy-winning director, Melina Matsoukas, to create new commercial. The spot features a group of friends training, whom eventually sync from chaotic movements into one organized motion, representative of the campaigns title, all in for #mygirls. It aims at portraying unity amongst girls, that unwritten code between friends where minds and bodies become one through support, finesse, and the understanding that once you're all in it all comes together.

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Ben's Bug Spray

Tame the swarm

ADCC Student Merit
Luerzer's Student of The Year Finalist

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SIGG Bottles

Advertising campaign

SIGG Bottles are tough, the people using them are tough. The campaign speaks to the rugged outdoor enthusiast who's short-cuts may entail scuffles with wild animals.

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ICE Awards

Meet & Greet

A series of fun typographic ads to entice ad people to meet and mingle with the 2012 ICE Award judges

Additional Credits: Antonina Gousseva (CW)

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Video ident + audio mnemonic (turn on sound)

Georgian College

Rebrand proposal project

As Georgian college continues to expand in Northern Ontario, they're also strengthening their grip on the 'Georgian Triangle'. To claim ownership of this large northern region a rebrand was proposed, illustrating Georgian's growth in a dynamic and modern format.

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SID LEE + vitaminwater teamed up with Royale in Los Angeles to create a beautiful 15 second spot for theatre and web pre-roll.

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Act II

Easy Popping

A cinematic approach to remind movie-lovers Act II is the easiest popping stuff you can buy.

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Crime Stoppers


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Practice Safe Breath

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Hey There Bartender

ADCC Student Silver (2012)

For new entrants to the world of young professionalism, the first step in appearing mature and sophisticated is ditching their past as binge-drinking university students. But after all those years guzzling back dollar-beers, they need help on how to stock a bar with finer alcohols. So we invented Hey There Bartender – an interactive campaign for the LCBO that aims to raise sales of premium spirits by taking alcohol aficionados back to a time when folks knew how to tie one on with class.

Additional credits: Zack Vitiello

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National Guitars

Typographic print campaign

One day, when no trees stand to harvest, steel guitars will reign. Until then, the younger demographic will likely never be informed about steel guitars and the culture behind them. This campaign seeks to strike a (wait for it...) chord with an uninformed group of young guitarists.

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